More than once, it struck me — a blow to my beliefs. Truth. It altered my sense of security and made me realize the importance of reporting the news. There, in front of me, a witness, a victim, a family member bereft of a loved one, divulged some of the truest stories I’ve ever heard. It was an honor to tell their stories.

Days when I did not to report on tragedies, I spent them writing about the various other community and political issues causing a stir in the region. Now and then, an uplifting story balanced out the madness. Here is a collection of some of my favorites:

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Child photographers find good in the badlands (PDF)

Their music helps the medicine go down (PDF)

WHYY’s NewsWorks (

Philadelphia bids a final farewell to Smokin’ Joe Frazier:

Former church deacon held for trial on child rape charges:

84-year-old park attack victim speaks out:

(video included)



Keystone Multimedia Workshop

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